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Character Information
Old Name:Nicholas Boladaum
Level: 129
Residence: Thais
Account Status: Free Account
Sex: Female
Guild Membership: EhPow of Ta Catimbando
Last Login: 22 May 2019 (16:23)
House:Mill Avenue 4, Thais
Created:13 March 2019 (18:50)
Death List
16 May 2019 (01:01)Killed at level 129 by Wusko (unjustified)
and by Txupinomanofly. (unjustified)
11 April 2019 (22:57)Killed at level 124 by Ghazer One (unjustified)
and by Striker Here.
05 April 2019 (01:18)Killed at level 125 by Rivs
and by Warung.
22 March 2019 (16:50)Killed at level 115 by Not Error
and by Arthx.
19 March 2019 (01:57)Killed at level 99 by Sujasso (unjustified) (solo)
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