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Character Information
Name:Askaz Amizad
Profession:Elite Knight
Level: 114
Residence: Venore
Account Status: Premium Account
Sex: Male
Guild Membership: King of House Down
Last Login: 10 November 2019 (22:23)
Created:19 October 2019 (07:24)

don\'t look here go to google\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCoronel Peko\r\nHAIL RIO PRETO.

Death List
06 November 2019 (17:53)Killed at level 112 by fire elemental
and by demon.
30 October 2019 (03:12)Killed at level 97 by Aldebaran
and by BreNin PuxaPelego.
28 October 2019 (04:25)Killed at level 95 by Mbappe
and by Aldebaran.
28 October 2019 (01:13)Killed at level 96 by Fiziolasty (unjustified)
and by Sir Bigode. (unjustified)
25 October 2019 (06:43)Killed at level 90 by dragon lord (solo)
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